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[Hey, Kers, Aelise, we've worked out a party time and place, it's tomorrow, five p.m. your time, in Thilanushinyel - are you guys gonna come?]
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[Hey Jane. Can you relay to the known Ikes and Vals that I have a set of them, in the destroyed city I resurrected, and want to know whether and how to tell them things and invite them to the party? And relay for us?]

[Sure,] says Jane. And she says to the Ikes and Vals in Sunshine and Chronicle, [Hey, Ikes and Vals. Tab has a pair of you in her world who she's just resurrected along with the rest of the city they lived in before it was destroyed and wants tips on whether and how to tell them things and invite them to the party.]
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Tab goes home by door, right into Aelise's office. "Hello again."
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Mehitabel reads a lot.

She starts calling herself "Tab", for short, not that anyone calls her anything apart from Kers. She writes suitably encrypted emails to Aelise about ideas for fixing the world - mostly she asks questions, to start, forming a picture of the exact problem she has to solve.

She misses her parents, but not very much. At least she got to say goodbye.

When her brain won't absorb new information, she bounces around in zero-g.

After six months, Aelise visits again.

Tab says, "Anybody you store up here must be important somehow. If I don't know about the other secret person, I won't know how to come up with ideas that work with them being important however they're important."


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Mehitabel Marika Coscoroba Ɣ "Tab"

October 2013



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