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do: consult alts; don't: unexpectedly appear

[Hey Jane. Can you relay to the known Ikes and Vals that I have a set of them, in the destroyed city I resurrected, and want to know whether and how to tell them things and invite them to the party? And relay for us?]

[Sure,] says Jane. And she says to the Ikes and Vals in Sunshine and Chronicle, [Hey, Ikes and Vals. Tab has a pair of you in her world who she's just resurrected along with the rest of the city they lived in before it was destroyed and wants tips on whether and how to tell them things and invite them to the party.]
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[...Okay, back up a little,] says Val of Sunshine. [The city they lived in was destroyed?]
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[Yep. Toronto was nuked a couple hundred years ago, in Gift. I took it out of Downside for Tab.]
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[What's 'nuked'?] says Val of Chronicle.
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[The details require a lot of background information, but for the purposes of this conversation it means "destroyed really thoroughly".]
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[I'm really not sure how to approach resurrected alts whose city was destroyed,] says Ike of Sunshine.
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[Is 'don't' an option?] says Val of Sunshine. [If not, it should be.]
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[It's an option, sure, I can tell Tab you suggest leaving them alone.]
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[Yeah,] says Val. [I mean, if I had just been nuked, I would not be in my friendliest mood, you know?]
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[Okay. Also, Gift Toronto is part of the interdimensional internet project. Sunshine's not, neither is Chronicle, but on a small scale I can pass packets if you want to send her an email or something when she's had a while to get used to things.]
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[Yeah, I'll think about it,] she says.
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[Okay. Anything else Tab ought to hear?]
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[Don't think so,] says Sunshine Val.
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Jane passes this on to Tab, and is presently also sent to the extant peal-contacted Lazaruses (but not the Kolya, because he is Kolya) with a similar message:

[Hey, Lazarus and Elasirae. Tab has a you and a Kolya in her world who she's just resurrected along with the rest of the city they lived in before it was destroyed and wants tips on whether and how to tell them things and invite them to the party.]
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[A human one, right?] says Elasirae.
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[All humans in Gift, yep.]
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[I think... don't invite them to this party, at least,] says Lazarus. [There will be future ones. After they've had time to settle in.]
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[Okay,] says Jane, [and no non-party-invitation contact or disclosure either, like the Sunshine one of you?]
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[Yes. There would be no point in telling them and then not inviting them to the party. The idea is that they will probably take the news better if they've had more time to get used to the new planet and so forth first.]
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[Okay. Anything else Tab should hear?]
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[Hmm... it's all right to tell the Lazarus things if he chases her down and asks about them,] says Lazarus. [Which he might.]
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[She is making herself pretty available to be chased down, with me as the multiverse's best email filter,] says Jane merrily. [Okay, thanks!]