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do: distribute invitations; don't: kidnap party guests

[Hey, Kers, Aelise, we've worked out a party time and place, it's tomorrow, five p.m. your time, in Thilanushinyel - are you guys gonna come?]
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[Well,] says Aelise. [That depends. Approximately how unwelcome am I going to be?]
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[And they will be a relatively small proportion of guests, I suppose. All right.]
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[I think I'll pass,] says Kers. [I'd rather not travel out of the universe if I can avoid it.]
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[It would be inconvenient if I got stuck or ran into some unforeseen kind of trouble.]
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[Short notice,] he observes. [Not that I have plans.]
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[Are my alts going to be there?] he inquires.
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[I wouldn't bet on him showing up. But what do I know? Maybe he likes these things. Sure, I'll go. Meet the local guy.]
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[That's handy, thanks.]